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How many programs really benefit from an interactive whiteboard?

Allows up to 4 students to use the whiteboard at the same time in a quickfire quiz format...







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Boys at Dulwich College in action

(Splatter works best with whiteboards that use a finger rather than a pen)



Lots and lots of language games in a single program...

Designed for the one teacher, one computer, one class situation. The program contains a large number of 5 to 10 minute activities suitable for pairwork or as a whole class activity.

Included are: noughts and crosses, picture noughts and crosses, number games, arithmetical games, category games, who am I, colour quiz, verb dice, several games boards, scoreboards, different ‘blockbuster’ games, etc. There are over 20 games, most of which can be used in different ways

In each of the activities the teacher can use the words / numbers / ideas provided in the program or replace them with their own. The size of words on the screen can also be changed. Using the program requires only basic word processing skills.


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"However, the real key to the development of modern language teaching still rests with the Internet, and excellent low key CD-ROMs such as Internet Text Exploiter from the Usable Software Company give structured approaches to help teachers adapt Net material into practical classroom exercises."

TES BETT review

Geo quiz
Escargot (Fr)
Paella (Sp)
2B? (or not to be... Eng)
Apéro (Fr)
Tapas (Sp)




All our software runs on Windows XP, ME, 2000, NT, 98, 95
Programs install from CD onto hard disk= easy to run across networks

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