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Secondary French, Spanish and 'content free' for any subject - Physics coming soon

Primary: Maths, English, French, Spanish and 'content free'

Allow up to 4 students to use the board at the same time!

How many programs really need an interactive whiteboard?

Download French - Beta version. Full version with pictures which will help you understand how to use the program

Download French-small - Beta version. Smaller version without pictures. Less easy to understand - but faster to download!

  Each student has a console with 7 buttons - a word / phrase / number appears at the top of the screen…    
    Students have to work out which button correctly translates the question word…  

Click on the right button…

To score a point!





Up to four can play...

Dulwich College pupils in action

The (simple) teacher's menu allows all games settings to be changed to make the game more or less competitive as well as to allow different question formats (e.g. words / phrases / numbers).
There is lots of help for teachers...
A typical question...
A picture question

French content includes:

  • Vocab up to GCSE level organised by topic. Numbers, families, colours, etc.
  • Games to reinforce gender of vocabulary
  • Regular and the 29 most useful irregular verbs
  • Opportunity to paste and use your own vocabulary
  • Opportunity to play games with .bmp pictures

Stand alone

2-4 computers

5-10 computers


Site + give a copy to any current student at your school


£ 89.00 + VAT

£ 129.00 + VAT

£ 149.00 + VAT

£ 189.00 + VAT

£ 250.00 + VAT

£ 280.00 + VAT



= £ 104.58

= £ 151.58

= £ 175.08

= £ 222.08

= £ 293.76

= £ 329.00



Order using E-Learning Credits


Tel: 00 44 (0)207 733 3932




Download a French beta version now! Click here to download then choose Save to disk option.
(Demo is a self-extracting zip file, approx 10.Mb)

Download a smaller French version - older beta version, no explanatory pictures- but faster to download Click here to download then choose Save to disk option.(Demo is a self-extracting zip file, approx 5.Mb)


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