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Have you ever wondered how to exploit the huge range of texts on the Internet, or snippets of text that you've scanned?

This program allows you to paste in any text and make a range of language exercises. Once you have chosen a text, it takes three mouse clicks (around 30 seconds) to make any one of a number of exercises.

You can make a gapped transcription exercise. Students work in pairs and each has a partially completed story. One student reads the other student the text (s)he requires in order to fill in the missing gaps. This activity practises listening, speaking, reading and writing and tests grammatical understanding. You can also create an exercise by removing all spaces from a text so that students have to indicate the start and end of individual words. Other exercises allow you to make a gapfill exercise or to remove either individual letters (e.g. , , ) or words (e.g. le, la, les) from a text. Clear instructions for the teacher are available and the next step to be taken is always clearly indicated.

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