Escargot sample

The program is unusual in accepting a number of correct answers (pomme = une pomme / la pomme) - the teacher can also decide how ' correct' an answer has to be - un pomme (wrong gender) / une pommé (wrong accent).

Clues (some corny) are also available

Sample questions:

In which fairy tale does "Blanche Neige" appear?

Snow-white (but the program will also accept 'Snowhite'

  • Blanc means white
  • Neige means snow
  • Add seven dwarves!


What is "la lune de miel"?


  • Miel means honey
  • Lune means moon - like the word "lunar"
  • Just married!

What is "une crise cardiaque"?

Heart attack (also accepts cardiac arrest)

  • Crise means crisis

  • Cardiaque is like "cardiac"

  • Heart stopping!


What is "un réveil-matin"?

Alarm clock

  • Réveiller means to wake up

  • Matin means morning-_

  • A cause for alarm first thing in the morning!


What is "un sous-marin"?


  • Sous means under

  • Think what "marine" means in English

  • We all live in a yellow one!


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